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At American Air and Mold, we transform raw materials into precision molds for any setting, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Our expertise extends beyond simple mold creation; we specialize in comprehensive mold testing and inspection services. Discover how our capabilities can elevate the safety and quality of your space.

Leading Mold Testing Services, Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and Serving Surrounding Areas

Finding the right aesthetic and ensuring a healthy environment for your space often involves unique challenges. In Charlotte, NC, and all of the areas we serve, our team at American Air and Mold provides not only custom mold solutions but also thorough mold testing services to address these challenges effectively. Whether you are concerned about indoor air quality or need to ensure the durability of your mold installations, our certified mold inspectors are here to help.

Our services allow you to customize aspects of your building or product with precision-made molds while ensuring they are free from harmful mold growth. We specialize in plastic mold testing, offering everything from design consultation to final production assessment.

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Explore Our Mold Testing Services

Our approach to mold testing encompasses a range of techniques suitable for various materials, including plastic, metal, and glass. Each project begins with a detailed inspection and consultation to understand your specific needs. Our certified mold inspectors utilize the latest in testing technology to identify any potential issues, ensuring precision and safety in every project.

By integrating advanced testing methods, we ensure that each piece is crafted to meet high standards of health, strength, and aesthetics. Our services include residential mold testing, home mold testing, and comprehensive evaluations for all types of custom molds.

Enhance Your Project with Expert Mold Testing

Our team at American Air and Mold takes pride in offering comprehensive mold testing and creation services that elevate your projects. We understand the importance of health and detail in mold work, and our commitment to quality ensures that every product not only meets but exceeds both aesthetic and safety expectations. Our expertise in various testing techniques allows us to offer versatile solutions that adapt to your needs, whether it’s ensuring the safety of intricate architectural details or robust industrial components. We provide services to clients in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas. See the many locations that we serve in our service areas.

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